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Welcome to MontanaFair’s Online Entry System
Please print these instructions before proceeding!
Please print and read the MontanaFair General Information, Rules & Regulations.  These rules, along with any special rules in the department will be adhered to.
Step #1 – On the registration page, fill in your first and last name.  If this is your first entry for 2017 MontanaFair, click on I AM A NEW EXHIBITOR.  Click continue to proceed with the registration process.  Follow the directions on each page.  All starred (*) information must be filled in.  If it does not apply to you, please insert N/A.  Create a password and keep it somewhere that will be available to you in case you want to log on to the system again (additional entries, payment, etc).  MontanaFair is not able to retrieve your password for you.  Entries in individual classes are accepted as ONE EXHIBITOR ONLY.  They can’t be entered as “The Smith Kids”, “Baxter Family”, etc. unless they are a designated group class.  
Step #2 – Click in the department you want to enter. Click on the division and class number that you wish to enter.  Continue this step for each class you want to enter.  
Step #3 – Check out/payment – There is a required exhibitor fee, display fee or livestock office charge for some departments.  This does not apply to 4-H, FFA or Youth Art departments.  Click on the fees page and put in the fee as listed for the department(s) you are entering.  (Example:  If you are entering the three departments in Heritage Arts, you would have a fee of $5.00 for Horticulture, Culinary and Needlework and Crafts for a total of $15.00).  If you wish to purchase Exhibitor’s Discount Gate Admission Tickets, put in the amount you need.  Fill in the credit card information as required for the total fees.  If you do not have a credit card, payment will be accepted by check or money order, payable to MontanaFair.  You must make a copy of your receipt and send it along with your check for the full amount of fees to MontanaFair, PO Box 2514, Billings, MT 59103.  Full payment of fees must be received by MontanaFair prior to the August 1, 2017 deadline (disregard if entering in 4-H or FFA).  NOTE:  Credit card payments will show as MetraPark SkyBox on your credit card statements.
Step #4 – Click the box for liability disclosures and type Yes in the box.
Step #5 – Print your receipt.  If you decide to add additional entries at any time prior to the entry deadline, please login with your name exactly as you registered along with your saved password.
4-H & FFA Entries:  All 4-H & FFA entries in Department A – Junior Livestock and Department N – 4-H Non-Livestock entries are due by Friday, June 30, 2017 @ 5:00 pm.  Questions on these departments should be directed to the Yellowstone County 4-H Office, P.O. Box 35021, Billings, MT 59107 or call (406)256-2828.
Thank you for your participation in MontanaFair!